Saturday, March 13, 2010

Obama's National Health Care Includes Abortion

Obama's plan for national health care would provide for abortion. See here (Wall Street Journal) , here (Reasoned Audacity) and here (The Heritage Foundation).

How would abortion insurance work?  Here are the cost below from an abortion clinic:

Surgical Abortion:
Pre-Abortion Counseling/Ultrasound- $100

       up to 12 weeks LMP- $395
13 & 14 weeks LMP- $495
15 & 16 weeks LMP- $650
17 & 18 weeks LMP- $825
19 & 20 weeks LMP- $1050
21 & 22 weeks LMP- $1350
23 weeks LMP - $1750
More than 23 weeks LMP- $2250

Maybe they need visual aids so that persons wanting to purchase abortion insurance can see why the cost go up as the baby increases in size--so does the cost!

7 Weeks
Up to 12 weeks- $395

24 weeks

More than 23 weeks LMP- $2250

But if you read the articles linked above, you will see that all taxpayers will really be paying for this large expansion of abortion coverage.  Those wanting to have abortion coverage will have to contribute no less than a dollar a month.

Obama's Plan Concerning Abortion:

As always--equip yourself to engage others in this American Holocaust (are you offended that I would use that phrase? please check out Unsure About Abortion... links )


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