Wednesday, June 6, 2007

You Forgot Millard Erickson...

Yes, I forgot to add Millard Erickson. But, where does one stop? Millard Erickson's massive 1300 page Christian Theology was a standard text book in many SBC colleges and seminaries for years. In his section on last things, he closes the chapter with statments that identitfy his position. He states, "When all considerations are evaluated, there are several reasons why the posttribulational position emerges as the more proable. . ." and "the general tenor of biblical teaching fits better the posttribulational view." The last sentence of this chapter is, "But all in all, the preponderance of evidence favors posttribulationsim." (p.1224)

Millard Erickson, Ph.D.Distinguished Professor of Theology Ph.D. Northwestern University. Dr. Erickson is Distinguished Professor of Theology at Western Seminary, and the author of the widely acclaimed systematics work Christian Theology along with more than 20 other books. He was professor of theology and academic dean at Bethel Seminary for many years.
Presidential Fellow, Western, 1998-2001, Adjunct Professor, 2001-2004