Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mormonism and Public Office?

If you are interested in learning more about Mormonism and the possible implications of having a leader who is Mormon--read this book! I think Rocky builds a good case that in Mormonism, a person's allegiance is to the Mormon Church and its hierarchy.

Rocky's new book, "When Salt Lake City Calls" is now available! Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60477-220-3 Hardcopy ISBN: 978-1-60477-0
This book examines trustworthiness of Mormons in public office. Mormons in political campaigns for various offices have people asking the following questions: Can Americans trust Mormons in office? Is the Mormon Church the ultimate lobbyist? Could a Mormon in a governmental position of authority be forced by their religious beliefs to make a decision contrary to all lreason, facts, or evidence? Do Mormons swear allegiance to their church, its prophets and apostles, their living oracles, and the priesthood power they hold? Rocky Hulse examines these issue in his new book When Salt Lake City Calls: Is There a Conflict Between Mormonism and the Public Trust?
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