Thursday, April 30, 2009

Excellent Review of The Shack at "Girls Gone Wise"

Mary Kassian has written a great review of The Shack.
Click here to read it: Re-imagining God in the Shack
I couldn't agree more when she said,
I’ve had good friends tell me that I’m missing the point of the Shack. Maybe I am. But maybe, just maybe, they are. Maybe they are getting caught up in the emotion of a heart-wrenching story and are failing to notice the horrendous theology that under girds it. The authors claim that “at its core the book is one long Bible Study.” This isn’t an ordinary story book. It’s a book that seeks to transform people’s ideas about God. The fiction is merely a vehicle for the theology.
In my post Gender Bending in The Shack (The Shack Inspection Part 1) I said,

Mary Kassian has some great articles to check out here:,com_metabrowse/browse,keyword/value,Mary%20Kassian/Itemid,116/

Thank you-- Mary! ( )