Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Fury of the Wind (new modern hymn)

A good friend of mine, Eric Schumacher, has written another "modern hymn" that I highly recommend checking out...

Here is a description:

This text by Eric Schumacher is a beautiful mixing of the fiery descriptions and words of God in Job and the need that seeing such wrath stirs within the human soul to “flee to Christ.” We would all be “knocked off our high horse” if God were ever to appear to us the way He did to Job in the final five chapters of the book. What a frightening and humbling experience that would be! Our only sane response would be to fall before the feet of the Holy One. It is this very realization of our mortal and sinful selves that shows us the need that we have for the Holy God to make provision for us (no other could possibly do so!). God the Son is the only one who can “make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy” (Jude 24).This text can also be set to a traditional tune.
You can download the MP3 on the website

The fury of the wind,
The raging of the sea,
How small a whisper do we hear
Of our God’s majesty!
The thunder of His pow’r,
O, who can understand?
Before the fullness of His wrath
O, who of us could stand?

“Shall man find fault with God?”
He asks of man below.
“Now, gird yourself to answer Me.
And tell Me, if you know:
Who made the earth and sea?
Who speaks and stars obey?
Who plays with creatures of the deep?
Who gives the beast its prey?”

You, Lord, can do all things,
And none can stay Your hand.
I uttered what I did not know
And could not understand.
Before Your greatness, Lord,
I fall upon my face.
And, by such glory stripped of pride,
I cast myself on grace.

The raging wind and sea
Cause me to flee to Christ,
Who bore the tempest of God’s wrath
To be my sacrifice.
Though in the storm I’m blind,
I trust my Sovereign’s plan.
I know that my Redeemer lives
And with Him I shall stand.