Monday, June 28, 2010

Liberty's Conclusion to Caner Controversy

Wade Burleson

SBC Today: "We praise God that Dr. Caner Is Exonerated" -- I say, "Huh?"

If Celebrity Were Integrity the Southern Baptist Convention Would Be Morally Blameless: Why the SBC Can Be Faulted for Ergun Caner's Rise and Demise

What Would Happen If Liberty Followed the Student Honor Code In the Ergun Caner Situation?

Tom Chantry
A Declaration from Liberty

Gene Clyatt
Lynchburg, We Have A Problem...

Rose Marie
Camels Swallowed, Forest Still Missing and Presumed Lost

Carla Rolfe
Liberty FAIL

Daniel Spratlin
Ergun Caner Found to be a Liar by Liberty University

Justin Taylor
Just One Question for the Trustees of Liberty University

Francis Turretin
Dr. Ergun Caner - Liberty Investigation Complete

When Can We Expect Our Apology?

When Can We Expect Our Apology? Part 2

James White

Liberty Announces Removal of Ergun Caner as Dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Quick Update

The Full Liberty Statement

Christianity Today Picks Up Quotes: Jerry Falwell Jr. and Glenn Beck

The Caner Scandal Becomes the Evangelical Cover-Up
07/02/2010 - James White

WSET-TV Channel 13 ABC (Lynchburg, VA)
A Following Review, LU Will Replace Dr. Caner as Dean
Muslim-turned-preacher out as Baptist school dean

Lynchburg News Advance
LU won’t renew Caner’s contract as dean of seminary

Liberty Student News